• Importing Contacts
  • Completing Import Certification
  • Provisioning long code or toll free 800 Set Up
  • Loyalty Program Setup
  • Setting up and Designing Auto Campaign
  • Creating SMS & MMS messages
  • Setting Up a Distribution List
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Description of Services

Importing Contacts

  • -Creating a excel database with the proper fields for importing
  • -Getting the list on excel from the client and adding the data into the proper fields
  • -Importing the Database into the Textologi Platform  
Completing Import Certification

  • -Printing out 11 pages that need to be filled out for the Import Certification
  • -Getting business data from the customer to fill in the paperwork
  • -Scanning and merging all the pages into computer to create a PDF doc
  • -Uploading the PDF doc to Textologi and start import certification

Provisioning Long Code or Toll Free 800 Setup

  • -Choosing the available numbe-Logging into the Textologi platform and searching for available toll free numbersr and provisioning the long code
Loyalty Program Set Up
  • -Having the client fill out the rewards points system they want to run
  • -Creating a Loyalty Rewards program based on the customers criteria
  • -Sending an email with instructions to the customer how to log into the Loyalty Program to add customers and adjust points or rewards. 
Setting Up and Designing an Auto Campaign
  • -Having the client answer how he/she would like to design an automated messaging campaign
  • -Based on the responses from the client a Auto Campaign will be designed in a decision tree format in order for customers to receive automated messages based on their initial message in the campaign.

Creating SMS & MMS Messages

  • -Based on the message that the client wants his/her customers to read, a SMS or MMS (picture) message will be designed and sent upon an agreed time.

Setting up a Distribution List

  • -Creating a custom list that the client requests in order for a message to go out to that specific group of customers.