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The Most Important Question for Businesses Today that Business Owners Must to Know!

The Most Important Question for Business Today that Every Busines Owner Must Know?

The question:

What has changed in Consumers purchasing process over the years?

The answer:

In fact the most overwhelming answer that all data indicators point to is called “Social Validation” or as some call it “Social Proof”!

Years ago people primarily went by what the Business said about themselves and their marketing, but in todays current purchasing environments 9 out out of 10 people are making purchasing decisions for your service or product based on Social Validation,And Social Proof such as:

1.Customer reviews

2.Star Ratings

3.Customer Peer to Peer experience


5.Your Business Review History,

6 Customer Comments

So i think we can agree that the undisputed NUMBER 1 REASON people decide to purchase your product or service from your Business or NOT is, in fact, SOCIAL VALIDATION!

So to put it simply:

Most People these days purchasing your products and services based on word-of-mouth driven by technology!

Today’s consumers just Want to know how your previous customers felt after purchasing from you and their personal experience after using your business for the product or service they bought from you or your business.

So whether you are aware or not SOCIAL VALIDATION is today’s consumers MOST USED buying process!

We at Textologi believe that if you are in business today, this should be your main marketing priority! Especially if you want to be a growing successful business!

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